‘Hwang Geum Ryung Berger’

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  • 한글주소주도 서귀포시 신도리 10
  • ADRRESS10 Sindo-ri, Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo, Jeju-do, South Korea
  • PHONE NO.064-773-0097
  • OPEN09:00 ~ 19:00



Hwang Geum Ryung Berger 'is a very famous restaurant in Jeju Delicious Restaurant. Here the hamburger is particularly sweet and particularly fragrant.
The size of the burger is enough to make four adults will eat full, so the first time to taste the customer will be surprised.
A few years ago it was called 'Redpond herb farm' and changed to 'Hwang Geum Ryung Berger'
  ▲ first floor restaurant interior  
In the restaurant you can personally experience doing soap. On the left you can see the stairs on the second floor.
 On the first floor you can order, the menu has 4 adults can taste the Hwang Geum Ryung Berger and half the size of the couple file berger.
Hwang Geum Ryung Berger is priced at 17,000 won, Couple berger is 11,000 won (including salad), cola and soft drinks for 1,000 won, the price is cheaper.
As well as the owner personally in Jeju Island cultivation of potatoes to make the organization is 4,000 won.
After finishing the dishes, to the second floor to wait on it.
▲ on the second floor of the stairs  
 ▲ second floor restaurant interior  
  ▲ Hwang Geum Ryung Berger
▲ Hwang Geum Ryung Berger and herbal tea   
                        to a piece of Hwang Geum Ryung Berger on the plate to see, inside is very full. Moreover, herbal tea can drink on the first floor casually.


 Because the restaurant is in a remote place, it is hard to find. The material in Hwang Geum Ryung Berger uses Jeju to produce pork, so the taste is more delicious. Hwang Geum Ryung Berger is characterized by vegetables in Hamburg, from March 2011 began to cultivate and use green vegetables. In particular, in the burger in the cucumber, radish, cabbage, red lanterns and other tastes particularly refreshing taste. This restaurant is not a fast food for hamburgers and is a slow meal. Hwang Geum Ryung Berge is green vegetables, so customers can feel at ease. Hwang Geum Ryung Berger can book in advance, they are scheduled to do a good job to the customer booking place.

○ Business hours: 09:00 am to 07:00 pm (there is a slight difference every season) 
○ Address: Jeju Special Self-Governing Province  Xizhimu City Hiroshima 10 (서귀 포시신리리 10)
 ○ Phone number: + 82-64-773 -0097 
 ○ Closed day: None