25 years personally do pickles, home cooking Jeju Xiu Ji restaurant

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  • 한글주소제주도 서귀포시 서귀동 444번지
  • ADRRESSSeogwi-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, 韩国
  • PHONE NO.064-762-0777
  • OPEN08:00 ~ 21:00



Xiu Ji restaurant has a long history of 25 years, the 25-year president of the day to do their own dishes.
    From the original 32 seats to the present 170 seats, the president, as always, every day to do, including kimchi, including snacks.
    National football coach witnessed the president personally pickled pickles scene lamented 'now there are personally pickled kimchi restaurant ah'.
    Many restaurants use foreign kimchi, homemade dishes are also ready, but Xiu Ji restaurant owner is not dedicated to use foreign materials.
    The staff of course, feel very tired, especially those who have the experience of the restaurant staff feel very surprised that this scale rarely personally do.
▲ four years ago Xiu Ji restaurant
 Now the scale is so big 
▲ now Xiu Ji restaurant
    All the food materials are only fresh Jeju production, so there have been many episodes, Xiu Ji restaurant baked fish with its entrance that is known, but at the same time those who have mainly tried to visit the restaurant is difficult to taste Its taste.
    Sometimes we put the imported or long frozen fish to make the taste of the dishes as authentic Jeju with fish flavor, but we are all wrong friends Xiu Ji restaurant octopus is authentic Jeju octopus.
▲ grilled fish
 Xiu Ji restaurant not only has its strengths also have its weaknesses.
    Is the food out of the relatively slow, but if you know the internal reason is not understandable. 
    General restaurants are basically the first to do a good job, the guests point a little hot again and again, shorten the time to improve efficiency.
    This method is used in many tourist restaurants in Jeju, but Sau Sai Restaurant is the exception.
    Three years ago, former President Kim Yong San came to this restaurant.
    The guests came a lot more than expected, and the first customers felt that the dish was given to the president first.
    In order to avoid misunderstanding the president explained for a long time. The
    In order to taste only ready-made food of the gold president is really misunderstood by everyone.
    Although many well-known people, but did not paste a signature of their own.
    The president that the same is the customer is no different, in addition to some of their stars want to leave their signature in addition to the general will not leave a signature ...
▲ sea cucumber sashimi
    Come here to sea cucumber sashimi must taste, can be divided into sea cucumber in May did not taste, so replaced by sea urchin abalone sashimi.
    In addition to Mid-Autumn 2 days, Spring Festival 3 days, no rest day.
   Breakfast is starting at 8 am and dinner is at the latest 8:30 am as long as the guests who visit during this period will be able to enjoy the meal here.
    Group of more than 10 people can be booked at 7:30 in the morning.
    The main visitor is the climber or the person who goes to the airport the next day after attending the seminar.