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  • 한글주소서울 영등포구 여의도동 84 미니스톱 2층
  • ADRRESS84 Yeoeuido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
  • PHONE NO.02-1577-8911
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     To buy in addition to South Korea to buy, of course, can not miss the night of the Han River friends. Take the subway line 5 to (여 의 나루) Ru carry on the ferry, you can walk along the river to enjoy the night of friends ~ in today's recommended food before the two night to see it haha.


    Mobile phone to make do see it ~ after all, is the focus of food friends. 

    Today recommended food, it is obviously fried chicken it!Han River side, night scene, fried chicken beer, this is the perfect night ~ so fried chicken? Dangdang ~ is 김 병 만 치 킨 Jin Bing Wan fried chicken it ! This store is the Han River side of the fried chicken distribution to fight the main Oh! 1577-8911 is the order phone. At the same time they also wrote on the propaganda as long as 10 minutes, you can complete the package Oh ~ hungry do not worry, fried chicken will soon be your hands ~

   In addition to delivery, you can also go to the store to eat Oh. I went to Yeouido 3 shop, the first floor is the convenience store ministop, the two stores into a building friends. Went to the second floor is the point of the fried chicken, and ministop point of the same place where the meal, you can eat together, ha ha, all of a sudden eating the feeling of two stores is not super bar?Ab6b579e1e5f9ef130e803e5377f266f_1472902

Look at the menu. Do not worry, there are Chinese ~

I ordered a bone fried chicken, spices and cheese powder half of the mix ~




    Up ~ directly to the take-away packaging.

    After opening the right side is presented brittle carrots block. This is an essential partner to eat fried chicken! Fried chicken eat more inevitably feel greasy, this time crisp and delicious radish to bring fresh sweet and sour, perfect and, and can import the second mouth of the fried chicken. Haha.




This store is special, the gloves to the three fingers can be set up with two hands, only the first three fingers to eat, the other two can not get off the gloves pull paper towels, folder a straw, is also a very good The idea.


    Then open it ~!

    Above the white powder is the cheese powder fried chicken friends. The other is seasoning fried chicken. Seasoning fried chicken, but in addition to the original flavor of the highest popularity, and each fried chicken shop will have some taste. Rich, but sweet and not greasy seasoning with tender chicken, I think this is why South Korea fried chicken so popular it!

    And cheese fried chicken, less sweet, but the cheese special mellow and chicken meat perfect fusion, but also a special enjoyment. 
    This is a whole chicken, chicken, chicken wings, so you can enjoy big stuttering meat, you can also eat with thick sauce gnawing bones.Ab6b579e1e5f9ef130e803e5377f266f_1472902

    Bite crisp after the inside of the meat, but also reveals a fresh gravy ~ ~

PS: After eating, remember to pack a good package, get downstairs trash in the lost Oh!

    Is not looking at super sticks? So the Korean fried chicken's vision, must be achieved once! Let alone come to this fried chicken beer holy land ---- Hanjiang it?


Scoring time to ~ (out of 5 points Oh)

Overall: 4.5 points (the amount of fried chicken seems a little less oh)

Taste: 5 points

Environment: 4 points (shop is also a small environment in general, it is strongly recommended if the order in the store, be sure to take the Han River side to enjoy the night to enjoy the enjoyment!)

Service: 4.5 points