Spicy! New village spicy ribs shop - red zzim

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  • 한글주소서울 서대문구 창천동 57-61
  • ADRRESS57-61 Changcheon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea
  • PHONE NO.02-325-8600
  • OPEN11:00 ~ 01:00



Stewed ribs are a very famous and famous species in Korean food. All kinds of large and small stewed pork ribs shop is also quite a lot, here recommended a "copper bowl spicy ribs shop", called ' 레드 찜' (red zzim).

I went to the branch in the village. Village is also a place to travel, but also the local Korean young people love to play the land, food, shopping, one stop to complete. So like to stew ribs friends, to the village may wish to try this shop. Give you a look at the facade Oh ~ 









The characteristics of this store is a different stage of the spicy, you can choose their own. Of course, in this keen to challenge the spicy country, there are many stores have such a set. 9500 yuan a spicy ribs, and then 1-4 stage, choose to challenge the hotness can be friends ~ In addition, you can also apply for additional fish cake, ramen, rice cakes, etc., as well as lunch, fried rice, etc. can match Oh ~ detailed price can look at the following menu. The door also has a menu, you can first look clearly and then go, do not worry too expensive and then slipped out. Ha ha ha. Of course, the price of this store is still quite affordable ~ two people to eat enough of friends.




It is worth mentioning that there are many small spots in the store. Such as the words of the wall: "나이 에 비해 동 이 신 들 은 종업 원 이 신 분 증 을 을 Meaning that "the attendant may be required to produce an identity card for a customer who is younger than that of age, please be happy with the feeling and thank the parents." With a very easy and lovely words, made a prompt and request it.



South Korea's free gift of the hotel is also very worthy of attention. This shop is to pickled radish slices, vegetable salad, and bean sprouts. Although the look a little light, but the bean sprouts can be put into the ribs boil together to eat, more tasty, but also to the ribs pot added material, of course, like after the pork ribs to eat some refreshing, you can not put into another Oh ~



This shop is copper pot stewed ribs, so the use of natural pottery friends ~ very traditional Korean food characteristics. Inside the ingredients are also very rich, in addition to the protagonist ribs, there are quail eggs, potatoes, pickles, etc., coupled with the unique fragrant soup, very delicious.

Because we are not too spicy, the election is a stage of spicy.But this store is indeed a spicy ribs shop, a stage is already well-known Qingyang pepper hot spicy. So for us it is almost reached the limit. Haha.


Two people in the summer under the air conditioning spicy food, spicy ribs, with rich soup, mix with rice, really a level to meet. Like eating meat spicy friends do not miss slightly ~ came to the village shopping street, and friends and family eat a meal with it ~ ~