Glowing door so chicken & kitchen

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  • 한글주소서울 종로구 세종로 173-1
  • ADRRESS173-1 Jongno 1(il).2(i).3(sam).4(sa), Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
  • PHONE NO.02-722-7882
  • OPEN11:30 ~ 10:00



Today is to follow the recommendation of a good friend to da ~ we have to go to the door of a gourmet shop to eat kimchi soup. One to the door that is eating fried chicken! She obviously said to eat kimchi soup. And later found to be operating together. Let me feel quite fresh. Look at it, chicken is fried chicken, kitchen is the other dinner it? Here in addition to all kinds of fried chicken, as well as pork chops rice, pickles soup and other meals, and even spaghetti, that can meet all of a sudden taste, very intimate is very convenient! The door is also small and beautiful ~








Because we are not eating fried chicken, so did not get fried chicken menu, can not shoot, really embarrassed. But the focus is recommended kimchi soup! First up the four side dishes, although the Korean standard dishes, but every time you receive the dishes, all feel that this is a very attractive Korean restaurant ~




And then is the kimchi pot ~ as long as the ramen cooked can start eating! This kimchi pot is really a good recommendation, compared to other kimchi pot, not very exciting hot and sour taste, but very tasty, sausages and vegetables are delicious, especially South Korea's ramen is very strong, not easy to roll rotten paste. In particular, the store's noodles can be free plus Oh ~ If you eat enough, called the waiter plus a good ~ we added one, hehe.


The shop is in the alley near Gwanghwamun, where there is a home KFC, and it is possible to see the alley in the alley. But also from the play of the attractions are not far away, it is suitable for travel friends ~ like a variety of tastes of friends can also be together, choose fried chicken or pork chops rice, etc., a taste of all tastes ~ ~ located in the light of the door So be sure to try it