Health and taste of good fortune - OKRA

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  • 한글주소제주도 제주시 한림읍 귀덕리 1290
  • ADRRESS1290 Gwideok-ri, Hallim-eub, Cheju, Jeju-do, South Korea
  • PHONE NO.+82-64-747-0624
  • OPEN12: 00-21: 00 (Closed on Monday)



August 15 opened OKRA only in 2 months time has become a household name restaurant. 

 OKRA is Jeju dialect "will come" means .


According to OKRA boss introduced "business name is because it sounds like a foreign language, and want to keep up with the pace of globalization ~ ~"
    There is no waiter all the meals are produced by the proprietress, from the material into the farm to sign the contract is personally, the boss husband in the hotel for serving, ordering, side dishes, clean up the table, etc., the boss said the waiter's money Save down to buy a better material, but look at the guests more and more tourists, but also can not eat the guests, want to ask a waiter to help her husband.
    Wanted to report in the Mid-Autumn Festival on this interview information, but for the majority of the guests I boldly gave up, because there are so many guests on weekdays, that Mid-Autumn Festival also had to die ah
    To the interview day, the local media JIBS also to interview.
    Start introducing food! The The This week the store will change the menu, this week's main menu Jeju traditional seaweed hot, next week is pork chops, next week is the ginseng soup, so go before the phone must consult, but every food will not Let you down.
    The price of local rice is 12,000, compared to the general lunch will feel a little expensive, but eat to know that is not expensive, in every dish can feel the boss's sincerity.


Nine board is a pot of rice, there are water tofu hot, cooked pork, Jeju pork scattered Sunburn, each one is delicious.
The boss followed the well-being footsteps, all the dishes did not use chemical spices, pork chops do not use edible oil, is rape oil, the boss said to let our guests can eat well-being food.
    We must remember that every Monday hotel will rest.
    12 o'clock to 9 pm, this time you can always taste delicious food.
    Be sure to remember to call before making an appointment, because there may be no seats, and to confirm this week's main menu is what.


As well as in Jeju Island to eat chicken soup when a few abalone is not necessarily delicious, abalone in Jeju Island and the price is very cheap, this will be put in the Polygonum multiflorum, the chick is a special day only supply 20, So the price of 15,000 yuan is very cost-effective.
After dinner at the door of the shop thinking about writing things, see the patrol car came in, but also here to eat lunch.